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Restrictions on Exports of Raw Materials

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About the Inventory

This Inventory contains information on export regulation in the raw materials sector, namely in agricultural products, minerals, metals and wood. It records measures known to restrain export activity at the 6-digit level of HS2007 classification. The default year is 2011, but the dataset contains both older and more recent data (1996-2012).

Data queries can be made using one or several of the filters: country, measure, commodities, year. Selection of either agricultural products or industrial products is possible through the "Commodities" filter. Selection can be started from any filter depending on the data query of interest. Elements that include data are shown in bold and ‘Select all’ will only select these elements. After a selection is made in one filter, the other filters automatically display only elements where data are available, again shown in bold.

If you wish to download the complete dataset, please click the ‘Download complete data set’ button at right. For agricultural products, this option provides additional information on production, prices and trade.



Methodological note to the Inventory of Restrictions on Exports of Raw Materials:
This note explains the measures included in the database as well as the coverage and methodology of the data collection.

Download complete data set for Agricultural raw materials

Download complete data set for Industrial raw materials


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