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The OECD Database on National Practices and Regulations compiles information on the different practices and regulations which may have a bearing on the competitive position of state enterprises in international markets. The database indicators comprise country-specific data on existing domestic laws and practices as well as obligations undertaken in international agreements, including the World Trade Organisation, Free Trade Agreements and Bilateral Investment Treaties.

The Database covers 34 OECD member countries as well as Brazil, China, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Russia, South Africa, UAE and Viet Nam.

The Database has 41 indicators categorised into following sections:

  1. Size of the state enterprise sector (number of state enterprises, employment, value, main legal forms, outward orientation and evolution in time of the state sector).
  2. Elements of national competitive neutrality arrangements (practices with respect to state enterprise concerning separation of commercial and non-commercial activities, financing, rate of return and dividend requirements, application of competition law, reporting).
  3. State enterprise-related elements of national investment regimes (state enterprise-specific requirements, limits, licences).
  4. External obligations with respect to state enterprises (state enterprise-specific commitments in the WTO agreements, FTAs, BITs, and other international instruments).


The information contained in the database was collected by the OECD Secretariat in 2014. It builds on: earlier work conducted by the OECD, publically available government and expert sources, and information provided by national authorities. It includes data that has been verified and confirmed by national authorities as well as the data that has not yet been verified.
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