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About the dataset on Public Procurement

Welcome to the OECD dataset on public procurement at central government level.

This dataset contains the results of the 2016 OECD Survey on Public Procurement. 

The survey was designed in the context of the OECD agenda on public procurement encompassing four key priority areas:

  • 1. the implementation of the new OECD Recommendation on Public Procurement,
  • 2. data and benchmarks through key performance indicators,
  • 3. policy dialogue and good practice identification, particularly in the use of public procurement to pursue broader policy objectives,
  • 4. country reviews.

The dataset, containing the answers to a selection of questions, provides information on the use of public procurement to achieve secondary policy objectives, the use of e-procurement systems, central purchasing bodies and procurement of infrastructure projects. Its data supports an evidence-based approach for public procurement reforms in OECD members, key partners and observer countries. 

The data are protected by copyright and we request that you be sure to cite the OECD as the source (OECD Dataset on Public Procurement). Furthermore, to help us track the impact, we would appreciate receiving electronic copies of any papers that cite the database, to be sent to the following

About this Survey

The content of the database was collected using an online questionnaire.

The Public Sector Integrity Division of the OECD Directorate for Public Governance and Territorial Development conducted this survey in 2016. The survey was submitted to the Working Party of Leading Practitioners on Public Procurement and responses were provided by country delegates responsible for procurement policies at the central government level and senior officials in central purchasing bodies.