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About the dataset on risk communication policies and practices

Welcome to the OECD dataset on risk communication policies and practices.

This dataset contains the results of the 2015 OECD Survey on Risk Communication Policies and Practices, which seeks to gather and analyse information that enable the OECD to give a comparative overview on risk communication policies and practices across OECD countries. 

This OECD survey is based on the framework that was presented at the 4th OECD High Level Risk Forum that was circulated in advance of the meeting and open to comments thereafter. The understanding of risk communication in this document pertains particularly to aspects of communication for preventing risks, not emergency or crisis communication, unless there are unavoidable linkages between the two. The dataset reflects the relevant prescriptions found in the OECD Recommendation on the Governance of Critical Risks as well as elements of the European Union’s Council Conclusions from 13-14 December 2011 on risk, emergency and crisis communication. This dataset should contribute to monitoring country efforts to implement these policy recommendations.

The data are protected by copyright and we request that you be sure to cite the OECD as the source (OECD Dataset on Risk Communication Policies and Practices). Furthermore, to help us track the impact, we would appreciate receiving electronic copies of any papers that cite the database, to be sent to

About this Survey

The content of the database was collected using an online questionnaire. The Reform of the Public Sector Division of the OECD Directorate for Public Governance conducted this survey in the third semester of 2015. The survey was submitted in to country representatives of in ministries of Interior or equivalent departments with central roles in risk communicaton policies (liaising with line departments and other key governmental stakeholders when relevant).

Written questionnaires were complemented by phone interviews to deepen some of the most significant aspects. Policy documents, guidelines, and regulatory reference documents complemented the information base and were analysed when available. The OECD publication onTrends in Risk Communication Policies and Practices presents more detailed results of the survey.