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The intra-EEA Services Trade Restrictiveness Index identifies and catalogues which policy measures restrict trade within the European Economic Area (EEA) for 24 OECD EU member countries. It complements the existing STRI, which quantifies multilateral services trade restrictiveness, allowing to track the progress of regional services integration in the following sectors:

  • Computer services
  • Construction
  • Professional services (legal, accounting, engineering and architecture)
  • Telecommunications
  • Distribution
  • Audiovisual services (broadcasting, motion pictures, sound recording)
  • Transport (air, maritime, road freight and rail freight)
  • Courier
  • Financial services (commercial banking, insurance)
  • Logistics services (cargo-handling, storage and warehouse, freight forwarding, custom brokerage)

The STRI indicators and database have been updated to 2022 for all sectors.

The policy measures are categorised under five policy areas:

  • Restrictions on foreign ownership and other market entry conditions
  • Restrictions on the movement of people
  • Other discriminatory measures and international standards
  • Barriers to competition and public ownership
  • Regulatory transparency and administrative requirements

The entries in the database are documented with reference to the sources.

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