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About the Dataset on Public Procurement for the Western Balkans

Welcome to the OECD dataset on public procurement at central government level for the Western Balkans.

This dataset contains the results of the 2019 Survey for the 6 Western Balkan countries and economies (Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Kosovo, Montenegro, North Macedonia and Serbia) on Public Procurement.

The dataset, containing the answers to a selection of questions, provides information on the key pillars of public procurement system, notably: strategic public procurement, e-procurement, central purchasing bodies, integrity in public procurement, leveling of the playing field and risk management. Its data supports an evidence-based approach for public procurement reforms in Western Balkans.

The data are protected by copyright and we request that you be sure to cite the OECD as the source (OECD Dataset on Public Procurement in Western Balkans). Furthermore, to help us better track use of this database, we would appreciate receiving electronic copies of any papers that cite the database (

About this questionnaire

The content of the database was collected using an online questionnaire and a glossary was also provided. The survey and responses were provided by country delegates responsible for procurement policies at the central government level and senior officials in central purchasing bodies.

Survey answers underwent a verification process carried out by the OECD Secretariat in co-operation with regional experts in order to enhance data quality and ensure comparability of answers across countries and over time.

The findings of the Survey provided the evidence base for the OECD report: Western Balkans Government at a Glance.

In case of remarks or questions related to the answers in the database, please contact Paolo Magina.

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