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About this database

The FDI according to BMD4 metadata database includes information for 34 OECD countries on methodology and practices underlying FDI statistics by partner country and by industry, published by the OECD in the FDI statistics according to BMD4 database (accessible on OECD.stat under the theme Globalisation).

The metadata information can be displayed for each OECD country separately using the above filters and can be extracted into Excel format.

You can also create your own comparative metadata table for FDI statistics, by selecting a metadata question and the list of OECD countries you want to compare. Or you can select one of the pre-defined comparative tables below to compare how OECD countries:

Structure of the database

The FDI according to BMD4 metadata database includes a list of 80 questions, organised in nine main sections:

  • Section 1 relates to data and metadata dissemination by national sources;
  • Section 2 relates to criteria and methods used for identifying direct investment enterprises;
  • Section 3 on the coverage of FDI statistics is divided into three main sub-sections: Section 3.A relates to the general coverage of FDI statistics for example on the type of debt instruments covered; Section 3.B relates to the coverage of fellow enterprises specifically while Section 3.C relates to specific aspects of coverage for example the coverage of Collective Investment institutions;
  • Section 4 relates to the valuation of FDI positions;
  • Section 5 is divided into two sub-sections: Section 5.A relate to data sources used while Section 5.B relates to confidentiality management;
  • Sections 6 A and 6.B relate to the geographic and industry breakdown respectively of FDI;
  • Section 7 covers Special Purpose Entities (SPEs);
  • Section 8 covers FDI statistics by ultimate investing country;
  • Section 9 covers the coherence of FDI statistics by partner country and industry published by the OECD with quarterly FDI aggregates published by the OECD, and with FDI CDIS positions published by the IMF.

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