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The first Health System Characteristics online database

For the first time, the main characteristics of health systems of OECD countries and key partners and accession countries are available in one dataset on a dedicated webpage. The dataset consists of results for the 2016 round of the Health System Characteristics survey as provided by countries, as well as results for the 2012 round of the survey. A new round of survey for Latin-American countries has been held in 2018.

How to access the data

Depending on the query of interest, the user can “select all” filters or refine the search according to the following criteria:

  • Country (35 member countries and two key partner countries and 21 Latin-American countries)
  • Version of the survey (2016 and 2012 for the OECD, key partners and accession countries, 2018 for the Latin-American countries)
  • Questions (by domain: health financing, health care delivery, governance)

Please note that when the user creates a table, active filters are shown in bold. After a selection is made in one filter, the other filters automatically display only elements where data are available in bold. The data can be displayed online or downloaded in an excel format file. If there is any inconsistency in the results shown, the user could inform the OECD Secretariat by sending a message at the following address:


The 2016 wave of the Health System Characteristics Survey has been designed following three guiding principles:

  • Reduce the data collection burden on countries;
  • Facilitate the data collection process and exchange with countries; and
  • Shorten the delay to publish collected data
The 2018 data collection, following the same principles, has been made in cooperation with the InterAmerican Development Bank.

Through an online platform Health System Characteristics Community, national correspondents had access to all relevant information concerning the 2016 survey, were able to communicate directly with the Secretariat and other national correspondents as well as download the Data Survey Tool. To reduce the data collection burden on countries, the Data Survey Tool consisted of tables pre-filled with responses from 2012. Countries could either validate the response given in 2012 or update responses if changes have occurred since the previous round of data collection. Responses were submitted to the OECD Secretariat by uploading tables on to the online Community.


Project outline - OECD

Survey PDF - OECD

Survey XLSM – Latin-American Countries


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